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About Us

Providing education to African children is a noble and impactful cause. Here are some ways you can contribute to efforts aimed at ensuring access to education for African children:

Kids Care International is a registered non- profit humanitarian organization, we believe in the power of connection and guidance. With your support, we can offer education programs, for poor children living in third world countries.We are providing the guidance and encouragement they need to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

We’re proud to partner with our donors and those who provide support to help us bring school supplies to children in Africa; we can’t wait to see how many students we’ll be able to support with your partnership this year.

Support Educational Non-profit Organizations: Research and donate to non-profit organizations that focus on providing education to children in Africa. Look for organizations with a proven track record, transparent financial practices, and a clear mission to improve education in underserved communities. These organizations often build schools, provide scholarships, train teachers, and develop educational resources.

Sponsor a Child’s Education: Consider sponsoring the education of a child in Africa through reputable sponsorship programs. Your financial contributions can cover school fees, uniforms, textbooks, and other educational essentials. Regular updates on the child’s progress and the opportunity to establish a meaningful connection with them are often provided by these programs.

About Us


Volunteer as an Educator: We offer volunteer opportunities for individuals to teach in African schools or provide educational support. If you have teaching experience or expertise in a specific subject area, consider volunteering your time and skills to help educate African children. This can be done through short-term assignments, remote teaching, or on-site volunteering programs.

Donate School Supplies and Resources: Many schools in Africa lack basic educational resources. You can contribute by donating school supplies, such as books, stationery, backpacks, or educational materials. Collaborate with organizations that facilitate shipping or distribution to ensure your donations reach the children in need.

Advocate for Education: Raise awareness about the importance of education for African children by advocating for increased access to quality education. Use your voice and platform to support initiatives, raise funds, and engage policymakers and influencers in conversations about educational equity and opportunities for children in Africa.

Fundraise for Education: Organize fundraising events or campaigns to generate funds for education projects in Africa. You can involve your community, friends, and family to contribute and help make a significant impact. Fundraising activities can include charity runs, bake sales, online crowdfunding campaigns, or benefit concerts.

Collaborate with Local Communities: Partner with local communities, schools, and organizations in Africa to identify their specific needs and find ways to support their education efforts. This collaboration ensures that your contributions align with their priorities and empower them to drive sustainable change.

Our Plan

All donations will go to support 3 main problems: food, education, health. Our project is working with troubled kids and we’ve achieved great successes.


Spread the word about our program. Even a small donation will make a huge difference.

Give Scholarships

Give the gift of knowledge and future with our education packages.

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Our ultimate goal is to build a community that thrives on empathy, inclusivity, and opportunity, where every individual is equipped to lead a fulfilling, prosperous life, thus creating a positive ripple effect for generations to come.

These kids require your help!